Knob and tube systems were very common during early 1900s, this method saw its decline after 1940s-50s when new and modern methods were incorporated by many builders. Sometimes also referred as open wiring, this system is now considered as irrelevant because of the risks associated with such type of wiring. Mr. Electric of Winnipeg has an experience of more than two decades of providing quality services for knob and tube removal and to help you out, we are more than happy to share some frequently asked questions about this type of wiring method.

Is this method of wiring is safe?

If all the wiring system is maintained properly and all the repair work is always done by a professional, then this system is safe to use. However, these type of systems are old and due to ageing the materials involved gets deteriorated which can further cause electrical faults in the whole system. Further, adding additional wiring to these systems is dangerous and is not recommended. So, it is safe to say that knob and tube systems are outdated and you should replace it with current wiring systems as soon as possible.

Does this type of wiring affects insurance rates?

Of course, it does. All the insurance companies know the hazards associated with knob and tube wiring and therefore, they might charge heavy insurance rate for houses with such wiring systems. Also, many companies insist on inspection by a certified professional electrician and in some cases, they even ask to remove these type of systems before renewing insurance policy.

What should be done about knob and tube system?

If your house has knob and tube system, then it is advised that you should completely replace it with modern wiring methods. Such wiring methods are considered as a safety hazard not only because they are old, but also since they are not built for handling modern day power usage. You must understand that nowadays, higher amount of electricity is used in every house and having this type of wiring means you are constantly testing the capabilities of these outdated systems.

How much knob and tube removal costs?

The cost of knob and tube removal can be a bit high. Depending on the complexity and the size of your house, electrician will give you pre-estimated cost of the whole procedure. One thing you should know is that even if the electrician gives to high estimate, you don’t need to worry as, the resale value of your house will increase significantly if you opt to replace this wiring system.

Can I replace the wiring on my own?

You can, but you shouldn’t. Electrical hazards are very common with such type of systems and if you want to ensure perfect wiring, then you must take professional help. Also, professionals will not only finish any required task quickly, but only they can make sure that everything is done according to the industry standards.